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  • Dave Reeve

Look Back at June with ARNY

June turned out to be a great month for riding from a weather perspective. The long days and great sunny weather were a real blessing for us all. There were some record average temperatures recorded, which may not be to everyone’s liking, but they definitely helped to create some great riding opportunities.

We have a real interest in the club at the moment and we had another 5 members join in June. We welcome, Ged, Gerry, Luke, Helen and Steve. Some new members are taking the opportunity to have a Taster Ride before signing up and others are just joining up and then coming along for their first lesson when they can make it.

We continue to attract new members with various aims and objectives. Some join up with the real aim of getting a test pass of some description, for activities such as Blood Biking and alike, and others just to improve their riding. We also continue to attract people for our social calendar with aim of joining in as, and when, possible. For whatever reason they are all welcome along and it is great to see such an interest in ARNY and what we do.

Paul Crane had a busy month hosting both the Wednesday Wobble and the Sunday Social Ride. While both were well attended, there seems to have been a lack of photographers on both events, as very few pictures appeared on Facebook! The Sunday social, with the lunch stop at Wickenby Aerodrome, was very close to the location of the hottest part of the UK on that day so it was a warm, but still enjoyable, ride for all concerned. As always keep an eye out for the social events on WhatsApp, Facebook and the website if you would like to come along and, if you do, remember to take some photos!!

Training was in full swing throughout the month and, despite quite a few Tutors being away on holiday, or trips, there have been some very busy Saturday training sessions. A few members are close to being ready for putting in for their tests so keep an eye out for news as to how they get along through the usual channels.

We had an ARNY Committee meeting towards the end of the month where we talked about many issues, and followed up some actions Committee members have volunteered for. A subject often up for discussion, with this time being no different, is that of trying to match Tutor numbers with Associate numbers. This is an area that we continually review to try and keep the balance between Tutor numbers, and the commitment required, with the number of Associates. With the well established social calendar we are now running, and the need for Tutors to support that, this is an area we will continue to focus upon.

At the time of writing, we are preparing to support the Demo Day at Barrie Robsons BMW dealership in York on July 8th where we are providing Taster rides for anybody who has expressed an interest. We are pleased to be part of the event but it does mean that there will not be normal training on Saturday July 8th. We will be back to normal on July 15th where we hope to get the chance to meet some of our newer members.

Here's hoping for continues sunshine as we get into Summer proper.

Until next time….


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