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ARNY will request permission to hold personnel data, names, e-mail, phone numbers. This data is that which ARNY deem to be the relevant data required for to fulfil ARNY’s goal to tutor, mentor and communicate with ARNY current members. ARNY will only retain this data for current members or for a period of twelve months after membership has ended.

ARNY will use industry standards to protect critical files and perform regular scans to ensure data integrity. Data will only be available to other members of the Committee by request when needed to support the operation.

It is the responsibility of the ARNY Committee to delete / manage all of the Groups data and a review will be completed at least every 12 months at which time data will be removed as necessary.

On applying to join ARNY you will be asked to complete the two questions which appear on membership form:​


  • Your personal data will be used by ARNY for providing the services of Advanced Motorcycle Training.Please tick here or sign and date (as appropriate) to indicate approval ……………   

  • If you would like to be informed of Social Activities, News, Safety Matters or Join the Member’s What’s App group to be kept up to date by e-mail, social media or telephone please tick here …..​


No member of the Group has the authority to use such Personal Data for personal reasons or release data outside of the Group unless the Group is provided with a Court Order or Warrant from the appropriate authorities.




DR 30/06/23

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