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  • Dave Reeve

Look back at July

There was a lot of activity at ARNY in July helped by some good warm weather which got better after an unsettled start to the month. There were 21 Associate training sessions involving 7 Associates and the Tutors continued to work on the roll out of the communications training. All of this led to some well attended Saturday mornings at Strawberry Fields. There were test passes with congratulations going to Bev and Andy – well done to both.

With the riding season in full swing there has been a lot going on outside of training too. Andy Esmond kept us up to speed with his latest challenge at the Adventure Spec Wales 500 Rally riding over 550 kms of trails and back roads. Andy finished a very impressive 35th out of the 150 contestants and could have been even higher if Andy had not been a bit too keen on occasions! Andy will be taking on another challenge shortly so keep an eye out to see how he gets on.

Dave posted on his attendance at the Rock and Blues Custom show 2021 where he won an award for his very impressive Harley, the prize going towards an equally impressive bar bill!

There have also been several posts on Facebook highlighting the need to continue practice all that we learn from our training to ensure we all keep safe with the increasingly busy summer roads.

Simon W hosted a social ride to Reeth towards the end of the month which was very much appreciated by all attendees, keep an eye out on Facebook and the website for future events.

In the background, the Committee have been working on collating all the various documents, training information and general group administration that we have so that they can be stored in a central location. This will help to ensure that all Tutors and Committee members have access to the information they need which will also help with our consistency of approach. Good progress has been made and we now have a central location set up that all can access as and when required. The next aim is to identify any material that would be of use to Associates and ARNY members and collate it in another location which will be accessible via the website. Alongside this the Group has now posted the GDPR policy on the website and made a few other changes to make sure we are in line with the current legislation.

So another very busy month for ARNY as the sun started to shine with great riding opportunities.

Until next time….


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