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  • Dave Reeve

Look Back at June

June was another busy and eventful month for ARNY. The weather was generally good and the increase in number of riders out and about was notable. Training continued throughout with a great buzz around several busy Saturday morning training sessions. June saw 14 Associates involved in 22 training sessions which will be one of the busiest months ARNY has experienced.

We welcomed three new members to the group and we wish Brian, Andy and Stuart to the group and wish them all the best with their training. The group has already got more new members in 2022 than all of any previous year, which is great to see.

Two of the new members, Andy and Stuart, are the first two new members from the Firebike team to start their training. To keep Saturday mornings manageable, and to help the Firebike team manage their work commitments, each of the team will have a nominated Tutor and the training sessions will generally be organised at times to suit. We will, as always, ensure that the Firebike team benefit from sessions with different Tutors at times during their training.

The new website was launched in June and has generally been very well received. We will continue to modify the site as we move forward and if you have any suggestions or comments on the site please feel free to pass them on via The site was designed to be clearer and easier to use with one of the major changes being the posting of all events on the group calendar which is now at the bottom of the home page. If you just scroll down the home page the group calendar is at the bottom and has all of the details for training, social rides, Wednesday wobbles and any other key events.

There was a full social calendar in June with a Tutor led post-test ride, a Wednesday Wobble to Blayton and a social ride to Burnsall. All were well attended and enjoyed by all who went along. ARNY members have been posting of their various adventures, with or without their bikes, including Simon with his alternative mode of transport featured above. We were also present at the Bikerdown course held at Whitby Fire Station to make an introduction to ARNY and advanced riding.

We are expecting another busy month in July with training and various social events so keep an eye out for what is going on. For those that are training, please indicate your intention to attend training on the attendance spreadsheet. Whilst we realise that things can change it helps the Tutor team to try and match numbers for the benefit of all.

Enjoy the good riding conditions. Until next time….


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