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  • Dave Reeve

Look back at July

July proved to be a record month for the weather which was widely reported and needs no further mention here other than to say there were a couple of days when even riding was challenging, especially when coming to a standstill! The generally good weather helped with another very busy training month during which 14 Associates were involved in 21 training sessions, only one session short of June’s record total.

We welcomed another three new members to the group and we wish Ben, Mark and Adrian all the best with their training. Ben and Mark are the latest Firebike members to join the group.

At the beginning of the year the ARNY Committee, with help from others, met and decided what we wanted to achieve and what the priorities were for ARNY in 2022. Quite a lot of effort was put into preparing for the 2022 training season such as tutor training, marketing activities, preparation of a social calendar for the whole year and a list of planned end destinations.

July proved to be a month when that work and preparation was evident in many ways. It was an extremely active month with some very busy training sessions on Saturday mornings, as well as mid-week training sessions to accommodate the Firebike team members, and others. At the start of the month there was a tutor led post-test ride out on Saturday morning ending at one of our relatively new end point destinations, How Stean Gorge Café, which was a fantastic end point on a beautiful riding day. There was a Wednesday Wobble to Scarborough, ending in fish and chips for many and the case of "Denise’s missing pannier", which has now been solved to a degree we are pleased to report!

At the end of the month Bev Green hosted a social ride which involved coffee at Aysgarth, lunch at Studfold and ice cream at Risplith. For those that braved the indifferent weather at the start it turned out to be a fantastic days riding in great weather, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Dave Atkinson was the latest to attend the latest North Yorks Fire and Rescue Bikerdown course to introduce advanced riding and what we do.

There have been quite a few enquiries from potential members throughout the month and it is notable that there is a lot of interest in the social activities of the group as well as the training itself. It is good to see that the posted social calendar for the year appears to have been well received and appreciated. Keep an eye out for the remaining events this year.

With so much training underway there appears to be a number of Associates that are near that point of taking a pre-test assessment with one of the Advanced Tutors with a view to putting in for their RoSPA test. We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing how they get on.

Lots going on keeping everybody busy! Until next time….


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