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  • Dave Reeve

Look back at February and forward to the ARNY AGM on the 21st March

February was surprisingly busy for ARNY with training continuing throughout the month with only one Saturday lost due to the weather.  The month also saw the start of training for some new Tutors along with a committee meeting with lots of preparation for the forthcoming ARNY Annual General Meeting as well as planning for the ARNY Open Day 2024.


The committee meeting in the middle of the month had a quite a full agenda with a focus on some of the detail for the AGM.  It has been decided this year to have the AGM followed by a talk which will be given by John Taylor who is a member of the South Yorkshire forensic collision investigation team.  This is sure to be a very interesting event and the AGM is open to all paid up ARNY members.  You should have received additional information on the event through email and the other usual channels.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the Tutor team or who will be happy to help. 


The other area of focus for the committee meeting was a presentation by Phill Bates on the recent survey he had prepared and sent out to all ARNY members.  The aim of the survey was to gather some thoughts from the current membership as to the future direction of the club.  The response rate was very good and the overall view about what the club is doing and how we are doing things was very positive.


The survey results have provided some interesting and valuable feedback for the committee to think about, and work with, so many thanks to all who took the time to respond.  There will be a brief summary of the high level results of the survey presented by Phill at the AGM and we will use the feedback to direct the future of the club.


It was decided at the committee meeting to have an ARNY Open Day on Saturday April 13th 2024 along the lines of the very successful events over the last two years.  More information will be sent out as the date approaches, but all will be welcome to come along to have a coffee, chat and go for a taster ride if they wish.  We are all hoping that the weather is a little more friendly this year.


The response to the information concerning the date and venue for the ARNY 2024 social weekend was very quick and positive such that the event will be fully attended this year.  It will be possible for others to join if they wish so please ask if you would like further details.


With some new members coming along to train and everything else going on, February turned out to be a very busy month for all.  We look forward to seeing you at the AGM if you can make it.


Until next time…..




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