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  • Dave Reeve

Look back at 2021

As we enter the new year it seems timely to reflect on 2021 for ARNY. As we will all remember the year started with training suspended and with the country locked down. Fortunately, that period came to an end in April and we were able to start training again, albeit with some restrictions in place. We held some “Back to Riding” sessions at this time to help people getting back on to their bikes after the enforced break which proved to be well received. This is something we will most likely continue in future years as some riders get back on their bikes following the winter break. Both Associates and Tutors were very keen to get back in the saddle and continue with training which has thankfully continued throughout the year.

There have been some significant highlights throughout the year which are of note. The groups approach to Tutor training has been adapted with more of the Advanced Tutors taking an active role in the ongoing training of Tutors. This has been very well received by all involved and was demonstrated in practice by the organisation of the Tutor training weekend held at the Motorist in June. This proved to be a great success and was very much appreciated by all attendees. One focus on the training weekend, with subsequent training as a follow up, was the use of comms for training. Whilst this has been used by some Tutors in the past the role out of the use of comms, including training for all Tutors, has been universally appreciated by both Associates and Tutors and will be a continuing feature of ARNY training into the future.

Saturday morning training sessions have been generally well attended throughout the year with, as usual, the odd one or two affected by adverse weather and we have been able to use the Strawberry Fields Café as our base for the majority of the year. We thank them for their continued hospitality, hot drinks and bacon rolls!! We have had many, new members and test passes throughout the year and we have also seen Tutors become Advanced Tutors. We welcome all of the newcomers and congratulate ll once again for their achievements.

The social side of the club has also been active, when possible, throughout the year. There were several organised social rides and several post-test members have been active in organising ride outs on Saturday mornings and at other times. We are all keen to make sure that the social side of the club flourishes into the future and it seems to be building some real momentum. Andy H helped to finish the year off with a social ride on the 29th December. Despite being a little damp all involved seemed to enjoy having a post-Christmas rideout!

For those that continue to ride through the winter months training will continue as usual. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Watsapp and on the Doodle Poll for training updates as there are times when training needs to be cancelled. You can always organise a training session outside of the Saturday session if required and there was even a training session on New Years Day this year with the weather being very accommodating for this time of year.

So despite the challenges we are all aware of, 2021 turned out to be an extremely active and successful year for ARNY and a year when we passed the milestone of 200 members.

Until next year….


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