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  • Dave Reeve

Winter Training Period

November will see us start the Winter Training period. Training will continue throughout the winter period for those that wish to train. As always training is in no way required, or expected, during the winter period and is a personal choice and decision.

We have a new Winter Training Attendance spreadsheet link here: Attendance

The link to the spreadsheet is also available on the website HOME and Training pages. It has also been posted on the members WhatsApp group.

There are some minor changes to the new spreadsheet. There is a separate worksheet for Tutors and the post test riders have been removed. If any PT rider would like a training session they just have to let us know and they will be added and ofcourse accommodated. This can be done by contacting one of the Tutors or via The other change you will notice is that the training end destinations have not been specified as this will be decided on the morning of training to take into account the weather and conditions.

Please continue to indicate your intention to train in the normal way, ideally by close of play on Thursday. If training is to be cancelled it will be noted on the spreadsheet once the decision is made and posted on WhatsApp so please keep an eye out on these channels if you are intending to train.

We are all hoping for some reasonable weather through the winter period!!


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