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  • Dave Reeve

Results of ARNY Member Survey

As many of you will remember, before the ARNY Annual General Meeting, Steve Potts sent out a questionnaire to all members to try and gather some views and opinions about how ARNY operates and how people think it should move forward.  Many thanks to all of those who responded, and to Phill Bates who prepared the survey.  The results have been collated and some actions have, and will continue to be, worked on based on the results. 

There were over 50 responses to the questionnaire with tutors, active members, non-training members and post-test riders all being included in the responses. 

The key findings are outlined below:

Most people join ARNY as a result of personal recommendation (42%), with the next most common route being via internet search (21%) and from a recruitment event (10%).  These three routes accounted for almost 75% of new members joining.  The overwhelming majority of respondents confirmed that they would be willing to recommend ARNY.

By some considerable extent, the primary driver for people joining ARNY was found to be “improving and maintaining riding skills” whilst, gaining a qualification, meeting like minded people, and passing on skills also received very positive responses.

The post test members responses indicated that both social ride and regular refresher training along with training for retests were very important aspects of ARNY’s activity for their specific group.

75% of the respondents indicated that they think a weekly meet with a mix of tutors was their preferred style for training but there were 25% of respondents that indicated they would prefer to be paired with one tutor for most of their training at times, and locations, suited to both.  This response was primarily from individuals who are currently actively training as well as those who are not actively training.

Saturday mornings was by far the most popular time for training and our current meeting point at Strawberry Fields Cafe was also viewed as an appropriate location.  Saturday afternoon, Sundays and Weekdays were all seen as possible for many respondents.

75% of respondents were positive about the social rides with a neutral, important or very important response.  64% of respondents feel that the social rides should be for ARNY members only.  85% of respondents were positive about having evening talks as part of the group calendar.  Close to 80% of respondents believe that 2 or 3 social events, such as a BBQ or similar, is the right balance.  There was also a very positive response to the idea UK Tours, both long and short, as well as about 50% showing interest in a European Tour.

The response formed a very uniform normal distribution with respect to remaining the size it is now or growing more quickly with the majority view being that the group should aim to continue to grow at around the current rate.

Finally, WhatsApp and Email are seen as being the preferred means of communication with Facebook and the ARNY website being equal as a second preference.


Overall, the responses were extremely positive, and the ARNY committee will now use the feedback to drive future decision making and appropriate changes.  One example of a change that has already been made is the addition of a “TRAIN/SOCIAL” option for post-test riders to the Attendance Spreadsheet that has already been used by some.  There have also been ongoing discussions around how we should manage those who would like to stay with the same Tutor for early training.

Thanks once again for all the responses and we will look to repeat exercise sometime in the future as considered appropriate.

If there are any further questions about the survey results, or you have any other feedback or comments, please feel free to contact or talk to one of the Tutors as always.


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