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Paul Stead


BMW R1200R

Lives in York

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My Story

I started biking in 1995, initially commuting into central Manchester every day which was a bit of a baptism of fire, so in the interests of self-preservation I took my advanced test with the IAM in 1996. I went on to become an IAM observer initially in Manchester and later a Senior Observer in Gloucestershire in 1999 where I also helped with observing on the “Better Biking” course run by Gloucestershire Police, that later evolved into “Bikesafe”.


After a lengthy break from motorcycling whilst my kids grew up and I worked away from home (apart from a short stint ‘blood biking’ for the Blood Transfusion Service) I returned to motorcycle training with RoSPA in 2018 when I retired. I found getting back on a bike after a long break very uncomfortable as my skills had gone very rusty and my reactions had slowed down so much. ARNY has been invaluable in getting me safe and confident on a bike once more. After my latest test pass, I trained to become a tutor once again to put something back into biking, having derived so much pleasure from it over the years.


When not motorcycling I walk the dogs, trail run, hill walk, play guitar and am national secretary for the Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers (or ‘Bodgers” for short!).

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