Club Founder & Committee Member

Advanced Tutor



Lives in Pocklington


Having returned to bikes after a 20 year lay-off I recognised things had changed. Bikes were more powerful, faster and infinitely more reliable. The roads were busier, broken and infinitely more dangerous.  It was time for an update of the weakest feature of my riding; me. I initially turned to the IAM where, having passed the advanced test I became an IAM Observer. Once there I realised there was still a lot to learn and I needed another challenge that took my riding a stage further. The answer was the RoSPA Test which required the highest standards of advanced riding and the need to maintain those standards. It was a tough ask and certainly provided a new level of challenge. Scraping a bronze on my first RoSPA Test reinforced my determination to improve and with the help of the Group Tutors I was able to progress to a Gold.  I was fortunate to undergo Group Tutor Training and on to Advanced Tutor within ARNY.


It’s a great group with friends, bikes and banter at its heart. I am still learning from the riders around me and I hope to go on doing so.  

Tony Brunskill