Back to Riding - Help on Offer again for ARNY members!

As the riding season starts in earnest again, on the back of the successful initiative last year, we have again decided to offer a "Back to Riding" session for any interested ARNY members.

Whilst we have, thankfully, not had the interruption to riding for other reasons over the last few months, for those that take some time off of riding through the winter months the return is a familiar annual event. After a long break it is always a good idea to brush up on those skills that have not been used for a while and we appreciate that there may be some that feel they may benefit from a ride out with one on the ARNY Tutors to help "get up to speed" as safely as possible.

Once again it is intended that the session will be informal on a route designed to cover the various road conditions and situations that we typically encounter. The ride will be followed by some joint discussion and feedback to help identify any areas that may be worthy of further focus.

If you are an ARNY member and would like to take up this offer, please put a post on the Group Watsapp or send an email to and we will organise a session with one of the Tutor team at at time to suit. We will keep this offer available for the next couple of weeks.

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