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Plans for a welcome return to training

Please see a message from Steve Potts below:

Dear All,


I hope that everyone is keeping well and managing to stay sane during the lockdown. It is a great pleasure to be able to advise you that following the latest Government announcement of the “roadmap” out of lockdown we are now scheduling a re-start of training. RoSPA guidance is that training can recommence on April 12th 2021.

We have therefore decided to recommence training on Saturday 17th April 2021.

There was a suggestion that the guidelines allow us to start training from 29th March when six people can meet outdoors and the stay at home requirement is relaxed but the ARNY Committee felt that this was not in the spirit of the guidance with a “stay local” requirement still in place. We will use this time to hopefully get the tutor team together in groups for a pre-season session prior to the training re-start. Ian will be contacting the tutors about this in due course.

So, I have now set up a Doodle Poll to cover Summer Training which this year will be from Saturday 17 April to Saturday 30 October 2021 inclusive.

You will find the Doodle Poll link below. Click on that link and you will be taken to the ARNY SUMMER TRAINING 2021 Poll. You should save this link or email as you will need it to access the poll when you wish to amend, add or delete your availability at any time in the future. The link is also available on the News and Training Calendar Tab of the website.

Please add your name in the left column. If you are a Tutor please add a (T) after your name.

You can then show your availability by left clicking in the relevant boxes where a tick will be placed. You can add or remove this availability at any time by accessing the Doodle Poll. You can see that this system therefore always gives an up to date live view of who is available and when so that we can all check on the day if necessary to see how many associates and tutors are planning to attend.

If you wish to re-enter the poll to add or amend your available dates use the link. If you then place the computer mouse to the right of your name you will see an Edit icon. Left click on the Edit icon and you can amend your Poll.

Finally every time you add or amend details click the Send button on the bottom right hand side to update the poll.

Here is the link:

Let me know if you have any problems.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As you are aware training is being restarted under the current Coronavirus restrictions and will be risk assessed throughout. Hopefully the easing of Covid restrictions will continue as the Government roadmap so that by 21 June all restrictions have been removed. You will find copies of our up to date Training Guidelines and Risk Assessment on the ARNY website. These will be updated to reflect any change to Government and RoSPA advice. You should follow these at all times and in particular respect the current social distancing requirements. Remember that you are representing ARNY and your behaviour will be seen both by other motorcyclists and the general public.

Above all: If you have any reason to believe that you have covid-19, or any reason why you should be self-isolating, you should not attend training.

To assist in the management of Saturday training it would continue to be helpful if you could note your attendance at training no later than midnight on Thursday. This will enable the tutor team to better manage associate and tutor numbers for Saturday.

And finally, at the moment we are commencing training from Vue Cinema car park on Clifton Moor, arriving from 9.30am and no later than 10.00am. We will however look to move back to our usual base at Strawberry Fields Café as soon a practical.

Best wishes


Steve Potts


Advanced Riders North Yorkshire

t. 01904 700212

t. 07710 314614


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