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  • Dave Reeve

Look back at October

October was fairly unsettled and wet although there was a drier patch in the middle of the month with temperatures somewhat higher than the average. There were 10 training sessions involving 7 different Associates and we welcomed Alex as our 201st new member! We also had one test pass and we congratulate Jon on a job well done.

As we approach the end of October, and move into November, we start the winter training schedule. Steve Potts sent out all of the relevant information including highlighting the fact that Winter training is optional and nobody should feel obliged to train if they do not wish to do so. As usual, the training start time has been put back by 30 minutes to help those travelling longer distances and to help give the overnight frost a chance to clear if necessary. As highlighted by Steve there is always the option to ask to see if any Tutors are available for training nearer to your location if that makes more sense. Any requests should be made via Watsapp or Facebook and a Tutor will respond if they can help. The intention to attend training should be noted on the Doodle Poll as usual. The link for the poll can be found on the Facebook page and is always on the website under the News and Training Calendar Tab. Keep an eye on the Doodle Poll and Watsapp etc. as this is where any cancelled training will be highlighted.

Andy Esmond continued to keep us updated of his latest adventures with two separate visits to the Kielder Forest in October. Andy exceeded his own expectations with a very impressive zero penalty points in the 2020(!) Kielder 500 and then Andy embraced the onset of the dark nights by taking part in the RallyMoto Dark Skies challenge. Some great photos and updates posted on Facebook as always.

There was an ARNY committee meeting at the beginning of the month when all aspects of the Club’s operation were reviewed. There was general agreement that it had been a successful training year in the context of the challenges we have all faced. It was decided that we will hold an ARNY Open Day, combined with a Back to Riding Day, on April 9th 2022. We will look at how this can best be advertised, and what other organisations we may be able to work with, to try and attract as many people as possible, including potential new members, to the event.

That’s all for now, until next time…


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