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  • Dave Reeve

Look Back at July

Thankfully we are "looking back" to a full month of activity, as close to normal as possible, in July. The weather was a little changeable throughout the month, with some getting a good soaking during training sessions, but that did not appear to dampen the enthusiasm to get riding at all and the Group has had a very busy month.

The meeting point for training remained at the Vue Cinema, Clifton Moor for the start of July which proved again to be a very effective venue for maintaining social distance guidelines despite some excellent turnouts and lots of people turning up for training. As of 25th of July we were delighted to return to the Strawberry Fields Cafe for the start of training. Their new larger outside area has helped make the initial meet up, pairing off and pre-ride briefing easy to organise with the added benefit for all to get some sustenance before training.

We continue to work to the guidelines we prepared and the practicality of a collective end point for the end of training is being reviewed as we assess the situation at our various venues of choice. It is likely we will need to retain some flexibility in this respect, in the short term at least, as our aim is to continue to avoid any busy venues.

The month was one of our busiest with a total of 30 training sessions involving 13 Associates. There continues to be a lot of interest in the group with several Taster rides taking place and we had another three new members join in the month. We welcome Jade, Dave and Mik and wish them every success in their future training.

July also saw Dave Reeve being signed off as a Group Tutor and this means that the Tutor Team is now back up to full strength in terms of numbers. This allows us to have a good ratio of Tutors to Associates for training on Saturday mornings. If any Associates are looking for training sessions at times other than the Saturday morning slot there is always the opportunity to put a post on Facebook, or in the Watsapp group, and any available Tutors will respond.

Away from training ARNY members have been getting out and about and enjoying their riding as usual at this time of year. Andy Esmond is leading the way with stories of his various, and impressive, off road activities. Our Club Secretary Richard Falls often joins Andy but has also been out and about in less “challenging” environments as can be seen by this very impressive photograph catching the ambience at the end of his ride well!!

Keep an eye out for social events that will be posted through the normal channels as we start to get that part of our activity going whilst keeping in line with the current requirements. So we are back up and running with lots going on which is great for everybody. I am sure we are all hoping it stays that way for the rest of the summer riding season.

Until next time....

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