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  • Dave Reeve

We're Back - Look Back at June

Despite the fact that the warm weather of May ended shortly after the start of June there was no lack of enthusiasm for a return to training which, much to everybody’s delight, was able to start as of Saturday June 13th.

The ARNY Committee had put a lot of effort into the planning for the re-start of training and, with a few minor tweeks as a result of learnings on the first Saturday, the plans led to three very efficient, safe and enjoyable training sessions in June. There is no doubt that there were many smiles on faces as we saw each other, albeit from a distance, for the first time for a long time at the re-start.

The Covid-19 guidelines and risk assessment that were prepared have proved

to be very effective in ensuring everybody was clear as to how we were going to comply with the Government guidelines without impacting on training to any great extent. Socially distanced pre-training discussions and dictated training reviews have all helped to ensure that there has been no impact on the key elements of the training sessions. Well done and many thanks to those responsible for preparing for the return and to all the Associates that have helped to make the return so successful.

Training for the month has started at the Vue Cinema, Clifton Moor in York which has enough space to make the start of training manageable. The plan is to return to Strawberry Fields in the near future and keep an eye out on the normal communication channels for news as to when this will happen.

There were 20 training sessions in the three weekends available in June involving 10 Associates. There has been quite a lot of interest in the group even though training has been suspended and we had three new members join in June and we welcome Anne, Mick and Leigh. There are also several people who are due to take Taster rides and we hope to welcome them soon.

One of the most notable differences with the current approach to training is the lack of ability to socialise pre and post ride but there has been an added benefit with Tutors and Associates finding some new finishing venues, some with socially distanced ice creams! We will look at returning to some social activity as soon as it becomes possible with the start most likely to be small in scale so that guidelines can continue to be met.

Well that’s it for now. It is great to be back and we all look forward to continued training throughout the rest of the summer and beyond.

Until next time…..

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