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  • Dave Reeve

Look forward to June

Rather than looking back too much at May in the current circumstances it seemed more appropriate to look forward to June!

May continued with some great weather but most importantly changes to the lockdown requirements meant that we were once again able to get out on our bikes and take advantage of the good weather at last. Despite some continued restrictions, such as limited numbers and the requirement to maintain social distancing, it is now possible to ride and many have taken advantage.

Whilst there was not much to report in May Jeff Terry’s double page spread in

MCN’s Adventure Special on May 27th should not pass without mention. The article, obviously filmed prior to the restrictions, goes through how ARNY member Jeff Terry started with a tendency to take a tumble while going downhill off-road but then, through training and practice, made a dramatic improvement resulting in some very impressive scores at the end of the training.

With the changes to the lockdown requirements RoSPA issued their policy with respect to the return to training and this was then reviewed and discussed by the ARNY Committee. As a result of this discussion ARNY secretary Richard Falls sent out the following communication on June 5th:

Hello associates, I hope you have been and continue to be well during the pandemic.

RoSPA have advised that motorcycle training can start again as long as social distancing rules are adhered to and groups meeting up are no more than six .Hurray!

Your committee has had a couple of Zoom meetings to consider the best way forward to ensure any risks of infection are kept to an absolute minimum.

The outcome of our deliberations is as follows:

Training will commence on Saturday the 13th June, 09.30.

As before please put your name on the Doodle Poll. In order to gauge numbers and allow for contingency plans this must be done by the end of Thursday each week. If your name is not on the poll by close of play Thursday and you turn up on the Saturday, you may not be able to train. Please pay attention to the notes on the new Doodle Poll relating to your fitness to attend and also ensure you have read our formal Risk Assessment that will be on the website in due course. If for any reason you are not happy to train at present, then there is no obligation on you to do so. This also applies to tutors.

The meeting venue is not Strawberry Fields café. We have decided , in view of the large carpark and availability of cover to start Saturday training from the Vue Cinema, Clifton Moor , York YO30 4XY. A tutor will be there early to act as a marshal and pair you up with a tutor for a prompt start. Prior to setting off your tutor will go through a brief dynamic risk assessment with you. Please note there may not be toilet facilities available. Costa is selling take away coffee, however you are advised to bring your own drink and food if you so wish. So full tank, empty bladder.

The sessions will be of their usual length or as mutually agreed. There will be no end destination for us all to head for and tutor and associate will agree a finish point before training starts. The pairings if possible, will be between those who live in the same direction to reduce travelling distances. At the end of training your tutor will dictate your scores and narrative comment. This will reduce risk of transmission and ensure you can read the entry! Please bring a pen with you.

PPE is a personal choice and we are not insisting on any specific items. We have some contingency plans in place for excessive numbers or other problems so please keep an eye on your messages/Whatsapp/ Facebook for any last minute changes to the above.

I and the rest of the tutors look forward to meeting you all again soon.

Enjoy your riding and be safe.

Richard Falls (ARNY Secretary)

There will be some more communications with the Tutor group before training starts and it is likely that the plans and approach may be adjusted based on experience as we move forward. Keep an eye out for further communications through the normal channels and some relevant information will be posted on the ARNY website too.

A great start to June as we plan to start training again.

Until next time…..

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