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  • Dave Reeve

Look Back at April

As we all are looking at various statistics related to the current situation the weather statistics for April also proved to be notable and probably would have made the headlines in different times! Throughout the month the rainfall was 40% of average and there was 151% of the average sunshine. All of this when it was not possible to take advantage in terms of riding although it was surely welcomed by all of those getting their daily exercise.

With a few exceptions, that we have probably all heard or witnessed, the discipline in terms of avoiding unnecessary journeys appears to have been generally adhered to. Despite the lack of activity there have still been some enquiries from potential new members and we look forward to welcoming them when we get up and running again.

ARNY members have been finding various ways to keep busy. In early April the club secretary Richard couldn’t resist getting on his bike and took to his front drive, and then seen here in his back garden, practicing some slow manoeuvres. Others have been spending time cleaning their bikes, not a task of choice for many but with others taking to the use of electric toothbrushes or taking the opportunity to do some maintenance or upgrades. Phill Bates even treated the group to some poetry from his local riding group down under which he posted on Facebook. The bike press has been quite creative with suggestions of ten ways to get a

weekly bike fix including a suggestion in MCN to “Brush up on Roadcraft”.

An initiative of particular note was proposed by ARNY Tutor John N who came up with a new game called “Spot the Speight”! This was prompted by John’s mistaken conclusion that the most recent edition of RIDE magazine had been produced without a picture of Ian somewhere in it! On further investigation, John was relieved to find the requisite picture secreted on the inside of the back cover! We are all looking forward to the next edition to play again!

Several ARNY members have been volunteering with Blood Bikes or through the NHS Volunteers initiative. Dave H is seen here transporting some face shields for the NHS. Due to the very impressive numbers of volunteers the opportunities to undertake tasks has been limited for many but those involved remain ready to help if needed.

As discussions start as to the process by which the lockdown will be adjusted, in the same way as we did when the restrictions were imposed, the group will take the lead from ROSPA in terms of what to do and when. Keep an eye out on the usual channels for news in this respect and we all hope that there will be some good news soon.

In the meantime keep safe.

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