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  • Dave Reeve

ARNY Covid-19 response - update 21st March

Update as of March 21st:

Dear All,

The Government yesterday strengthened and extended its advice on social distancing and instructed cafe’s, pubs and clubs to close from Friday evening. Although RoSPA has not as yet changed its guidance ARNY has decided that all training, including 1:1 rides should cease forthwith.

Steve Potts


Dear All,

In response to the current Coronavirus

situation we have received the following

advice from RoSPA:

Dear Chairman and Secretary

Many thanks for your continued support during the evolving coronavirus situation. We’re watching the latest developments and are keen to keep in close contact with our RoADAR network.

Given the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, during this week we will be working towards ensuring all RoSPA staff can work from home. This will not affect contact with the teams and you shall be able to call in and email as normal.

Given the current advice we now recommend that groups do not meet and that car tutoring is postponed until after May; we will of course re-evaluate this date if and when Government advice changes.

Those that still wish to continue with motorcycle tutoring can do so, and motorcycle tests will be continuing as normal while ensuring that social distancing is carried out when meeting in person prior to riding.

As a result of this advice we are cancelling all ARNY formal training forthwith to avoid any group gatherings.

In relation to 1 to 1 training arrangements between tutors and associates, we note RoSPA’s guidance that this can continue as long as social distancing is carried out but would suggest that any such arrangement is given great consideration and the safety of both the tutor, associate and the general public is respected and is uppermost in any decision to train.

Clearly this is a very fluid situation and ARNY will ensure that it responds promptly to any updated guidance from RoSPA and inform you all immediately.

Best wishes


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