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  • Dave Reeve

Look Back at January

The New Year has welcomed us with some unusually mild conditions in January with temperatures some 2 degrees above the long-term average. The North East was blessed with extended periods of sunshine and, if the wind was avoided, this combined to offer some great riding opportunities for those who are continuing to ride through the winter months.

As usual the number of Associate training sessions is somewhat lower at the start of the year but despite this there have been some very well attended Saturday mornings at Strawberry Fields. We had one new member joining in January and we welcome Phil and wish him all the best in his training moving forward. There were 9 Associate training sessions in the month involving 3 Associates. The Tutors have spent time doing Assessment rides and discussing various aspects of what we do and how we do it to ensure we are continuing to deliver high quality training to those who come along. This has resulted in some very busy Saturday mornings at Strawberry Fields to start the year.

January was also particularly busy for Simon, Paul (shown here) and Ian as they prepared for what turned out to be a very successful attempt to gain the ROSPA Diploma in Advanced Motorcycle Instructor Training. Congratulations to all three who worked closely together helping them all pass with very impressive results.

The Watsapp group is beginning to gain some traction and is being used for general communications as well as by those planning a social ride, those looking for some mid-week tuition, or Tutors offering the same. Keep an eye out if you are interested.

Our Training Manager Ian Speight was the subject of an article in Ride magazine in January with an item discussing why Ian took the decision to buy a 2018 GS as opposed to the newer 2019 model. I am sure Ian will be more than happy to sign your copy if you ask!! Look out for more from Ian in the press in the future!

The Annual General Meeting will be held on March 10th this year so look out for information concerning this. It is a good time for all to offer up any ideas or suggestions they may have (although ideas are always welcome) or even volunteer to help in some way if they wish to.

It is great to see a busy start to 2020.

That’s all for now, until next time.....

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