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  • Dave Reeve

ARNY says Goodbye, Good Luck and Thanks to Phill

Last weekend several members of the group took the opportunity to say Goodbye and Good Luck to one of the key members of ARNY who is starting a new adventure in Australia in the New Year.

From the start Phill Bates has been a key member of the Club and he will be missed by all those who have known him, worked with him in ARNY, or benefitted from his coaching and support.

Phill joined ARNY shortly after its formation in August 2012 and as an Advanced Tutor he was a key member of the club and played an important part in developing the training programme which is still used to this day. Phill was elected as the clubs first Training Officer at the 2014 AGM and he has continued to support the current Training Officer Ian Speight in this work.

Phill also took over the Publicity Officer’s role at the 2015 AGM and led the “rebranding” of the club with new modern website and introduced the “smoother, faster, safer” strapline. The website remains one of the main reasons people are attracted to joining ARNY. In this role Phill also organised ARNY’s presence at dealership and other motorcycling events including Barrie Robson’s BMW and A1 Moto Triumph.

In addition to all of this, Phill has continued to be a regular attendee at Saturday training as an Advanced Tutor and Group Mentor, as well as being a key attendee at the Tutor Training weekends.

Phill has been an invaluable member of ARNY and has played a great part in the development of the club from its inception to the present-day, seeing membership increase and the Tutor Team achieving a consistently high RoSPA pass standard.

Steve Potts joined the group by thanking Phill for all of his hard work and commitment with a presentation of a very appropriate caricature of Phill with his beloved BMW!

We all send Phill off with our very best wishes for his new life down under, and our gratitude.

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