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  • Dave Reeve

Look back at October

Those that were out riding in October enjoyed nearly every possible type of weather! The month started with a relatively warm spell but that then gave way to colder conditions with rainfall for our region above average with some very challenging conditions at times. As per usual, training activity reduces somewhat as we approach, and move into, the winter months but despite this and the inclement weather 7 Associates completed 9 training sessions. We also welcomed another two new members in October.

The end of the month sees us move on to the Winter Training programme and training will continue throughout the winter period but as Steve Potts highlighted in his email; Winter Training is entirely optional and we have no wish to suggest that you should continue to ride through the winter months this year if you have no wish to do so. Those that do wish to participate should use the Winter Training Doodle Poll to indicate their intention to attend which helps with planning and ensures that there are sufficient Tutors for the number of Associates present.

It should also be noted that training starts half an hour later with a 10:00 meet up for a 10:30 start from Strawberry Fields. Everybody is encouraged to keep an eye on the usual communication channels, including the Doodle poll, in case training needs to be cancelled.

Test passes have continued this month with two of the Tutors Adam and Simon had their triennial re-tests in October and both passed at Gold standard. In addition another pass was achieved with Geoff upgrading from a Bronze to a Silver – congratulations to all.

The group’s Instagram account is now up and running at @arnyrospa and all are obviously welcome to follow. There is an ARNY Committee meeting planned before the end of the year and the Tutor group will now take a bit of time to think of the plans and any areas we need to focus on for next year. Any suggestions are always welcome so please feel free to pass any thoughts or comments to any of the team.

That’s all for this month so until next time…….

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