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  • Dave Reeve

Look Back at July

July was a notable month for ARNY with lots going on despite some extremes with respect to the weather. The month saw a new maximum temperature of 38.7C on the 25th of the month in the middle of a very hot spell. All in all plenty of opportunities for great riding.

Of particular note for ARNY this month was three test passes, very well done and congratulations to Don, Paul and Bill on excellent test passes. Whilst this is a great personal achievement for the individuals concerned it is also a result of the ongoing training, and support, provided by the Tutors so well done, and congratulations again, to all those involved.

There was lots of training activity throughout the month with 22 training sessions involving 13 Associates. The group continues to attract lots of interest and we welcomed another four new joiners in July. At the beginning of the month a new training destination was identified and proved to be a great success on what was a very busy training day. The Waterwheel Café near Howden will now be added to the list of potential end points for Saturday Training.

On Sunday 28th July John Neaves hosted the “East Coast Loop” social ride. Whilst the

weather was not great the ride started and ended in the dry and was thoroughly enjoyed by all that went along. The new Wednesday Bike Night at the Strawberry Fields Café has been well attended by ARNY members with all enjoying the evening ride out, destinations so far including Blakey Ridge and Bridlington.

The next social ride on Sunday August 18th is being led by Jeff Terry. Keep an eye out on Facebook and on the ARNY website for more details.

That’s all for now – until next time…….

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