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  • Dave Reeve

Social Rides and Events

The ARNY website has now been updated to include a page on Social Rides and Events.

The page is designed to provide information on the social events we have planned and includes information on post test social rides on Saturdays, planned Social Ride Outs, and also any other Social events that are happening.

In the same way as we track and indicate planned attendance at Saturday morning training there is a separate Doodle Poll on the page for the various social events.

To register an interest, simply go to the website and select the “Social Rides and Events” Tab. As well as some general information on the social activities, at the bottom of the page there is a list of dates for the various events. By simply clicking on the date some more detail of the event a link to the Doodle Poll will appear. Following the link allows you to indicate your intention to attend. When redirected to the Poll, simply scroll down and add your name (you will only have to do this once) and then you can simply tick the appropriate event.

For those who would like to take part in a post-test social ride, by checking the Doodle Poll they can clearly see if someone else is interested and planning to attend on any given Saturday. It is hoped that this will make planning for all a little easier.

As well as giving people some visibility as to interest in post-test social rides, it helps those organising the events to have a feel for the numbers planning to attend, so your help in posting you intention to attend is much appreciated. Post-test rides are available every Saturday, if there is interest, and the next planned Social Ride is “A Grand Tour” hosted by Martin Dougherty on Sunday 23rd June.

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