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  • Dave Reeve

Look Back at July & August

Well its been a very hot couple of months which has seen a lot of training happening, more people joining ARNY and some members take their tests. [sorry for the late publication; it has been very busy - Ed]

Over the two month period, 23 training sessions were conducted involving 10 members and all the tutor team…..except one…! Sorry guys, I really will make an effort in September!

A warm welcome to the following new members, in no particular order, Domonic Kavanagh, Sandra Gowling, Stewart Godfrey, Pete Watters and Melissa Pratt. I look forward to meeting you all at some point in the future.

Congratulations go to the following members who all took their tests in August, Malcolm Lockyer, Andrew Farrar and Dave Thompson, two Silvers and a Gold respectively, a great achievement and well done to all of you.

On the social front, July saw Tutors Jeff Terry and Andy Esmond enjoying some more ‘off-roading’ as they prepare for an off-road adventure in Portugal in September. Jeff also arranged an evening social ride to Scarborough. Tutor Paul Crane had a few days away around Norfolk and Lincolnshire and Ian Speight went to the Alps for 10 days. Members Pippa Unwin and Sandra Gowling also headed for Europe (not together) and seem to have had a great time too. August saw Tutor John Neaves lead a group of members on a ride around the north York moors, I’m reliably informed John managed to seek out some wonderful roads and despite a drop of rain later in the day, everyone had a good time.

August also saw Tutor Jeff Terry make an appearance in Motorcycle News (MCN). It was how to improve your riding, off-road style, Jeff will be available for autographs at a later date!

Training Officer Ian Speight and Advanced Tutor Phill Bates wore their Motorrad Tours hats and led separate tours into Europe. Ian for a 15 night tour of Eastern Europe and Phill for a shorter, more history based tour of ‘Dams of the Rhur’.

And finally, some time ago, members who had passed their test asked if there was a way to remain a member of ARNY and try to still have a social aspect with new and other current members undergoing their training. It was suggested that a Saturday Post Test group be formed, run and organised by those members who have passed their tests. The idea being, they would come to the café on a Saturday morning, have a cuppa and a catch up and then when training starts, they would head off for their own ride with a view to meeting the training group at the end destination for further socialising over another brew. Those post-test riders who want to join in merely add their name to the Doodle poll with the letters PT (post-test) after their name, this lets everyone else know who and how many are coming for the social ride aspect. This is a great idea and I look forward to seeing how it pans out over the coming months, watch this space.

Well that’s about it for now, hope enjoyed the catch up, ride safe everyone.

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