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  • Dave Reeve

Look Back at 2017

Hello everyone. Before we Look Back at 2017, on behalf of the Committee and the whole Tutor Team, I'd like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year and we look forward to riding with you in 2018.

When 'looking back' at 2017 to write this review I was amazed at what a fantastic year its been for the group. In 2017 we added nearly a third to our membership and with that came an increase in the work load for our Tutors.

Some facts and stats for 2017:

25 new members.

230 training rides completed.... 230, just think about that number, if you said an average training session covers approximately 45 miles that means ARNY members rode in excess of 10,000 training miles last year....10,000!

That 230 averages out at 19 training sessions a month or 4.5 a week, pretty remarkable really and much more than many of our surrounding RoSPA and IAM groups.

April was our busiest month (39 training sessions) followed by August (30) and then July (28) and unsurprisingly December was our quietest month with many Saturdays cancelled due to the weather.

Test wise, 24 ARNY members took their tests in 2017 with 23 passing successfully, giving us a 95.8% pass rate. This is a slight increase on last year's when we achieved a 93.7% pass rate. It's also worth mentioning that the one member who unfortunately failed at his first attempt, retook his test a short time later and achieved a Silver pass. Training Officer Ian Speight took his RoSPA car test and obtained a Gold, although we can't really claim that one!

Whilst on the subject of test passes, two of our Group Tutors took and successfully passed their Advanced Tutor Tests with a third hoping to qualify in the coming months.

Tutor wise, with the increase in membership we decided to increase our Tutor numbers. Four new tutors started their training in December and we also temporarily gained an already qualified tutor which takes our Tutor numbers to 14.

The ARNY Tutor Team are passionate about what they do; 12 out the 14 Tutors joined ARNY as associates and successfully passed their tests before moving onto the Tutor Team to 'give something back' to the group. The Tutors are regularly monitored to ensure consistency and professionalism and each year the team have a training weekend consisting of check rides and written test papers, none of which is paid for or subsidised from group funds; each Tutor covers his own costs in full.

2017 also saw some Tutors gain additional riding qualifications with the IAM and some became accredited BikeSafe observers helping Humberside Police with their BikeSafe events.

On the social front, four members represented ARNY at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party to celebrate 100 years of RoSPA. There were several monthly social rides, two 'off road' trips to Europe, visits to the NEC Bike show, a charity wine tasting evening, a new post test social ride group and a very well attended Christmas bash.

To finish off the year, on New Years Eve Jeff Terry organised a group ride to Sansend near Whitby. As it turned out, two other groups were also planning a ride to the coast so East Yorks Advanced Riders and Drivers (E-Yard) and Hull and East Riding Advanced Motorcyclists (HERAM) converged in the same café; an excellent turn out with around 25 bikes in total.

All in all a fantastic year. And finally I would like to thank the support of Miles Kingsport in Hull and Barrie Robson's in York who have continued to support us throughout 2017; we very much appreciate it.

So that rounds up this review of 2017, I hope you've enjoyed the monthly reviews and here's to a brilliant 2018!

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