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  • Dave Reeve

ARNY Creates Post-Test Advanced Riding Group

As ARNY grows and we become increasingly successful at helping people pass their advanced motorcycle test with RoSPA, the number of Post Test members is increasing. They need to maintain their skills and remain a member of the club but may not have the desire or attributes to become a tutor.

We have now launched a Post Test Group which meets at Strawberry Fields on Saturday morning. The group decide their own route to enjoy an engaging social ride with other advanced riders and may choose to join the rest of the training at the nominated end destination. Members of the group will identify themselves on the group's Doodle Poll (with PT) so they can see who is planning to join the ride.

Anyone with a current RoSPA test pass are welcome to join ARNY and join the Post Test group with a reduced joining fee of £25. Members of the group wanting to improve their grade by retaking the test or are approaching retest can request sessions with a tutor but pre-test training will obviously take priority.

We hope that members will take advantage of the Post Test Group to enjoy engaging social rides with like minded riders and continue to socialise with the friends they have made during their training process.

For more information about Advanced Riders North Yorkshire please visit

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