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  • Dave Reeve

Look Back at August

Well the summer season was truly among us for August with several associates and tutors away on their jollies. Unfortunately this did mean that there were some Saturdays when we were a bit thin on the grounds for training so apologies for any inconvenience caused. That said, 18 associates still managed 30 training sessions between them; well done and thank you for your continued efforts.

On the membership front, August saw two more new members; Andrew Farrar and Glen Taylor. Both have already started their training so well done and thank you for choosing ARNY. This continues our month on month growth throughout 2017 with new members joining every month so far this year.

On the test front, more good news with two more test passes, Tutor and group Secretary Richard Falls had taken his triennial retest in May but a bit of bad luck on the day saw him ‘only’ achieve a Silver. Not one to rest on his laurels he re-applied and this time achieved a Gold pass. Group member Paul Crane also took his test in August and also achieved a Gold pass. Well done to both of you; great results.

Now some not so good news. Advanced Tutor Tony Brunskill was touring in Scotland when he was involved in Road Traffic Collision. Tony is battered and bruised but no broken bones although his bike didn’t fair so well. I can’t say too much as the investigation is still ongoing but the other person involved has been interviewed by the police and a file submitted. No action is being taken against Tony who was not at fault. Our best wishes go to Tony for a speedy recovery.

In other group news, tutor and group Treasurer Andy Esmond and his wife have been on their bike to Norway to the Nordcapp and looking at his recent pictures seems to have tested their water proofs to the limit at times along the way!

Phill Bates, Marketing Officer and Tutor, took a whistle stop 5 day tour from Portsmouth to the Normandy beaches and then across France into Germany, an adrenaline filled lap of the Nurburgring then back via Rotterdam over the bank holiday weekend. He was lucky that the weather was kind as he was camping; a braver man than I.

Tutor and Training Officer Ian Speight took a group of Motorrad Tours customers on a 10 day motorcycle tour to Switzerland, some great mountain passes were ridden and the good weather made them all the more enjoyable.

And finally tutor Adam Abel, his wife (and dogs) have also been to Norway touring in their pick up. Some great photos and a country I know he loves to visit, although usually on his bike.

So that just about sums things up, thanks again to everyone for their support and patience through a month that historically leaves us with fewer than normal tutor numbers but still didn’t stop some great training sessions and rides.

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