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  • Dave Reeve

ARNY Subsidise Advanced Rider Training for New Riders

The benefits of advanced rider training are well established; 61% of riders in a recent survey said they had used the knowledge learnt in their training to avoid a crash.

For a new rider, the training is even more beneficial as they don't have the riding experience to recognise and avoid the hazards as early as a motorcyclist with more miles under their belt. The best way to build that experience quickly is to undertake advanced rider training; benefiting from the billions of miles ridden my millions of riders before them.

Advanced Riders North Yorkshire are now subsidising membership for new riders. Anyone joining ARNY within 12 months of getting their motorcycle licence will get membership at half price; that's only £17.50 and includes a copy of Motorcycle Roadcraft worth £16.99.

Whether you or a friend or family member have just passed your test or are taking it in the near future, there has never been a better time to join ARNY.

For more information about Advanced Riders North Yorkshire, visit

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