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  • Dave Reeve

The twisting roads of Gran Canaria

Lance and I booked three days motorcycling on Gran Canaria with Canary Motorcycle Tours ( This is a small company that offers guided tours of varying lengths using Honda CBF 600s. There are two accommodation options; a four star or two star hotel. We chose the latter and it was excellent. The base is Vercindario which is not a tourist town but offers good access to the mountains.

If you like twisting roads with splendid views and accompanying near vertical drop offs then this place is for you. As their brochure says it is not for the inexperienced or faint hearted. Generally the road surfaces are very good but there are sections that are a bit gravelly so care does need to be taken. Traffic was light except on the road up from Maspalomas where you needed to allow that extra safety margin for oncoming traffic on corners.

The first two days were spent on the really twisty roads in the centre of the island and we reached the highest point ,Pico de las Nieves. This is pegs down territory for those that way inclined. To my mind the bikes were more than adequate although needed to be worked hard and the revs kept high especially on overtakes. I was mainly in third at about 5000rpm. Due to the terrain speeds were rarely above 45mph. Bends? there were thirty one hairpins on one descent! Martin told us one pillion counted the number of bends on one route and stopped mid-afternoon in the mid-two thousands.

The third day we were taken to the north of the island where it is much greener and the roads straighter (only relatively). We reached the north west tip and had lunch in Sardina before returning via Las Palmas beach.

Martin was a great and knowledgeable guide and we were certainly not short changed with daily mileages of between 100 and 140, starting at 09.30 and finishing around 5pm. I would recommend this trip to everyone.

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